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Project Description

Professional Service Website for Water Resource Science and Engineering Firm

The Anchor QEA team of more than 300 professionals works with the public and private sectors to help their clients uncover solutions related to managing water resources, maintaining water quality, restoring habitats, developing coastal regions, and more. Their services include strategy development, scientific investigation, engineering design, and construction management. Their core values are centered on transparency, integrity, and quality, and they prioritize their clients’ happiness and needs.

Project Objectives

When the Anchor QEA team came to efelle, they were looking for a website that would improve user navigation via a restructuring of the site's architecture. Additionally, they wanted clear and effective calls to action via intelligently styled design elements across the site. They also wanted information to be front and center—design elements should complement the copy, not distract from it.

Design and Development Achievements

Our homepage design effectively breaks down Anchor QEA’s text spaces into digestible and attractive content blocks. Though plenty of room is available for high-resolution photography, each image space is smartly paired with blocks dedicated to copy and calls to action. Call-to-action buttons are styled with a bright grass green and surrounded by just enough negative space to help them stand out from other design elements.

The subpages are equally engaging, leaning on white space and user-friendly grids to make Anchor QEA’s wealth of content easy to explore. Likewise, the projects overview page features highly navigable filtration options, and sitewide iconography creates visual recognition cues that make exploring both enjoyable and intuitive.

We developed Anchor QEA’s website on the Wordpress content management system.

This project involved designing and developing cohesive themes for the following areas:

  • A narrative-rich homepage
  • An about page template
  • Services overview and detail pages
  • Projects overview and detail pages
  • A careers area
  • A locations area (Anchor QEA has a number of locations across the United States and their new website makes it easier for them to share details and imagery relevant to each location)
  • And more!

Project Type:

Professional Service Website




United States


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