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Project Description

Kitsap County's Best Resource for Events Responsive Website

Kitsap Culture is a resource for those visiting, living, or working in the Kitsap area. As the Kitsap team describes themselves: “From art walks to farmers markets; from live theatre to classical music, punk rock and genres in between, Kitsap Culture aims to be a complete guide.”

Project Objectives

We had worked with Kitsap Culture on their initial site, and were excited to work with them again on this redesign. The primary adjustments planned were to give the site a “lifestyle lift,” by modernizing the design and creating a more clean, open space. It was also crucial to make the blog articles more prominent as well as create more room for Kitsap Culture to feature engaging content.

One of the main streams of traffic on the Kitsap Culture site comes from Visit Kitsap, so we wanted to make it easy for new visitors to be able to find what they needed. Whether it’s finding a fun play to attend, submitting your own event, or contacting the team to ask a question, all of this info can be found on the Homepage, as well as on the main navigation.

Website Design and Development Success

Since we designed the original site, it was helpful for us to have a plethora of knowledge to base the new refreshed designs on. For the color palette, we decided to keep the clean and approachable feel to the site.

Due to the traffic that the homepage would see, we wanted to make sure that it was easy to navigate and that we kept the end-users goals in mind. In doing so, we decided to decrease the full-width masthead image and create space for featured blogs. These blogs are pulled in through the specific categories they are under, allowing for the site to get a refreshed look every time the blog is updated with new information.

The homepage also presents a list of events in Featured, Upcoming, and All categories, giving users easy understanding and navigation through the events. Another layer of sorting is added through the tags, which sorts the events into things like “Festivals,” “Theatre,” “Comedy,” and more. In the actual directory, it’s broken down even further into category, region, and able to be searched by name or keyword.

These events are not only just found on the radar of the Kitsap Culture team, but are able to be submitted by others and reviewed by the team. To make this an easy process, we wanted to include “Submit Event,” at the top of the page so that those wishing to submit their event could find it immediately on any page of the site.

As an active account, Kitsap Culture wanted their Instagram feed to be tied into the bottom of the homepage. With multiple posts a week, it’s another way the homepage stays fresh and updated. You’ll even see the efelle office featured in a few posts as we worked through this process with the team!

If you’re ever taking a trip to visit Kitsap County or are even a resident, be sure to check out the site for a huge list of fun and interesting things to do around the area.



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