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Project Description

Catalog Website Design and Development for Unique, High-Tech Asphalt Patch Company

U.S. Cold Patch employs special technology to provide customers with strong, durable, and long-lasting asphalt patches. Made without the harsh chemicals its competitors rely on, it’s also environmentally safe.

Given the exceptional science behind the technology and the company’s modern approach to what they do, it only made sense they would want a web presence to match this level of sophistication.

Project Objectives

One of U.S. Cold Patch’s main areas of frustration with their previous site was the difficulty they experienced trying to keep it updated. They also lacked a clear user path and effective calls to action, and they struggled to showcase who they are and what they do on the homepage—they wanted their updated web presence to come with an immediate introduction to what the company is all about.

Website Design and Development Achievements

Highlights of this design and development effort include the following:

  • An impactful homepage masthead area with full-width imagery of what U.S. Cold Patch does and room for a concise textual introduction of the company and its values
  • Just-below-the-fold homepage iconography set against a high-contrast white background featuring text blocks to introduce the product and the science behind it
  • Lazy load and scroll animations to keep users engaged and page load speed down
  • A bold color palette featuring lots of charcoal contrasted with branded yellow and green for accent items
  • Timely calls to action and a “sticky” main navigation menu with drop-down items to help steer users throughout the site and decrease bounce
  • A user-friendly backend—via FusionCMS—that makes updating the site as easy as a few clicks

Site areas that we designed and developed for this project include the following:

  • An about page template that can be customized to include a variety of content sections including major call-to-action blocks, table-style information, and mixed-media sections
  • Informational “How to Use” overview and detail pages that guide users off to instructional subpage content
  • Custom contact forms
  • Blog overview and detail pages that can be used to keep the site fresh

And more!

Project Type:

Professional Service and Catalog Website




United States


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