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Everything You Need To Sell CBD & Hemp Online:

  • A Versatile Ecommerce Platform
  • A Payment Processor that Accepts CBD Products
  • Excise Tax Calculations
  • Shipping Restriction Management
  • Subscription Billing Software
  • Website Design, Development, and Maintenance
  • Multi-Factor Age Verification Software

The Best Approach to Online CBD & Hemp Sales

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efelle creative stands at the forefront as a premier provider of custom ecommerce solutions tailored for the CBD and hemp market. Our expertise is unparalleled in equipping CBD and hemp businesses to excel online while navigating the complexities of compliance with upcoming regulations. In essence, we've mastered the art of selling regulated products on the web:

CBD & Hemp eCommerce Website Compliance

Selling CBD and hemp products online demands an understanding of regulations and payment processing challenges. Compliance is crucial, and the best approach includes using a CBD-optimized ecommerce platform with custom software and a CBD-friendly payment processor. Neglecting compliance can be costly. efelle creative offers the essential tools and knowledge to keep your business compliant and boost your online sales.

Choosing the Right Ecommerce Platform for CBD & Hemp:

The answer is straightforward, BigCommerce stands out as the top ecommerce platform for CBD & Hemp products. This assertion is backed by our seamless integration with custom software solutions and plugins for everything from proper, destination-based taxation to full POS integration, as follows:

  • BigCommerce's Commitment to Transparency: BigCommerce's open policy allows developers like efelle creative to create robust tools for the sale of restricted products such as CBD. Our ability to integrate compliance apps, from shipping and taxes to customer identity verification and subscription billing, empower our CAnnibus insdusry store owners to confidently navigate the regulated marketplace.
  • Unrestricted Selling on BigCommerce: BigCommerce maintains a clear stance on product legality, ensuring that your store remains active without the risk of sudden deactivation due to arbitrary terms and conditions—a common issue with other platforms. This policy safeguards your investment and offers peace of mind regarding the platform's straightforward approach.
  • Diverse Payment Gateway Options with BigCommerce with 0% Transaction Fees: Unlike the competition, choose the best CBD payment solution for your business and enjoy 0% platform transaction fees.With an agnostic approach to payment gateways, BigCommerce supports 65 different options, unlike other platforms that may restrict choices by bundling hosting and payment solutions. This diversity is crucial for CBD and hemp retailers, given the specific limitations of certain payment gateways regarding e-vapor and CBD sales. With access to a wide range of payment processors on BigCommerce, store owners have the freedom to select the best fit for their business.
  • Tax Management, Simplified: With the inevitability of taxes, the Avalara Tax Manager platform ensures your online sales of CBD and other regulated products are accurately taxed. Control tax rates and areas of levy down to the SKU level, offering precision in tax calculation. This tool allows for tax implementation based on sale price percentage, a custom flat rate, or specific location, ensuring compliance and accuracy in tax management.
  • Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store: For CBD shops who want to offer Buy Online, Pick Up in Store (BOPIS), it's the perfect way for retailers to drive in-store foot traffic and connect their offline and online experiences. Our BOPIS approach allows retailers to blend the online and in-store experience to engage with customers while offering a more convenient way to shop.
  • Shipping Restrictions by Product and/or Location:Various municipalities have implemented complete bans on the sale of CBD items, while certain states maintain a laissez-faire approach towards CBD sales. Effortlessly configure and manage your shipping rules using efelle creative’s Shipping Limitations tool. Facing challenges in selling your items to underage customers? Our Shipping Limitations feature addresses this with robust age and identity checks, ensuring your products remain inaccessible to underage individuals.
  • Age and Identity Verification for BigCommerce: For retailers on BigCommerce selling CBD or similar age-restricted items, using an age and identity verification tool like is vital to prevent sales to minors and avoid penalties. This system also guards against fraud and boosts consumer trust by demonstrating commitment to responsible selling.'s smooth integration ensures a user-friendly experience, helping to protect your business, comply with laws, and enhance your online reputation.

The Elite CBD & Hemp eCommerce Website Provider

efelle cretive is more than just an Elite BigCommerce partner, we've been building exceptional eCommerce websites since 2005, including platform-specific solutions for CBD & Hemp merchants of all types and sizes.

We'll provide the expertise and tools necessary for your CBD and hemp business to thrive online, ensuring compliance, and paving the way for increased sales.

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