Online Marketing for Law Firms

Online Marketing for the Law Firm

Increase Exposure & Attract New Clients with a Professional Law Firm Website

We've delivered effective online marketing for over 100 law firms of all sizes, worldwide, for a decade. In the process, we've proven that today, the vast majority of people looking for a lawyer start their search online.

That's why it's more important than ever before to invest in your best marketing option: a website that makes a positive first impression on potential clients and effectively converts traffic into leads. law-firm-marketing.png

A professional legal website that is representative of your firm will help you attract new clients and cases that are the perfect fit. It will also free up your staff's time by automating several business processes. As the old adage says, "Time is money" and it couldn't hold truer in the legal sector. Using a ready-made template might seem like the easiest way to go, but the legal industry is highly competitive. An original, visually-appealing website that uniquely positions your firm and differentiates it from the competition is just what you need to take the results of your online marketing efforts to new heights.

How efelle can help market your law firm:

We will design a clean, professional legal marketing website that captures your law firm's brand image and comes equipped with all the tools needed to generate more qualified leads. All of our legal websites include:

The LawFirmFusion Professional legal marketing platform for website updates & integrated marketing:

  • Edit and update your website at your convenience with our easy-to-use interface
  • Simple dashboard analytics & metrics to ensure your website is operating at optimum levels
  • Automatic PDF generation on staff and service pages, with the LawFirmFusion PDF module -this isn't just a 'printed web page', our sites build professionally designed, print-quality flyers using the most recent web content on the fly! No more manually managing MSWord documents and PDF files!
  • We also offer the new Digital Briefcase module, which will allow your staff or website visitors to create a PDF file with cover sheet, table of contents, service and staff pages anda c losing sales arguement -all automatically, and with the most recent website content.
  • Get access to an easy-to-use contact form module that syncs with your email so you can generate more leads and track them with ease
  • Free and easy CMS training, so all staff members can learn how to update the website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your lawfirm's website found online

  • Get more targeted traffic from the search engines? 90% of all search referrals come from the first page of search engine results and our SEO tools will ensure that your website is among them!
  • Get help with keyword research to figure out which keywords your firm should target for the highest return on investment
  • Build pages with the proper page titles, headings, and other components for SEO using FusionCMS

Blog & Newsletter systems allow simple updates and keep the traffic coming

  • Demonstrate your expertise in specific areas of law through legal blogging
  • Use your blog to target a wide range of keywords and drive more traffic to your site from the search engines and social media outlets
  • Use LawFirmFusion's integrated MailFusion system to easily create newsletters and emails for potential and existing clients


Ready to Generate more Clients & Cases with Your Law Firm's Website?

Let our experienced online marketing team of 40 web design and development professionals help you develop a professional website that sets your law firm apart from the rest. Please call 206.384.4909 or fill out our online contact form to contact a law firm web design specialist for more information.

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