Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Strategy to Effectively Reach Your Goals

Inbound marketing puts the sales process into a flywheel consisting of attracting, converting, and delighting your potential customers. 

The goal is to provide relevant and valuable content to your potential customers at any stage. Essentially, you are optimizing your leads by qualifying them earlier, providing them knowledge throughout the process, and making sure they are happy throughout the entire sales funnel. 


Why Inbound Marketing? 

  • It’s a great way to organically increase your visibility
  • Simplify your marketing and sales process
  • Provide the right information at every step of your buyer’s journey 
  • Solve pain points right as they come up 
  • Provide a single view for sales and marketing activities

What types of services are there for inbound marketing?

There are a variety of ways to do inbound marketing, and it’s dependant upon your business, industry, and goals. Often it begins with a few one-time services, then you can move onto ongoing inbound services. A few of the one time services include: 

  •    Content strategy 
  •    Buyer Persona Development
  •    CRM integration
  •    Deal-Stage Set up in CRMs
  •    Customer Journey Map Development
  •    Email Template Builds

For ongoing inbound marketing services, it is dependant upon how aggressive you’d like to be and your goals, but a few services include: 

  •    Lead Nurturing
  •    Blog Content Creation 
  •    Creating Customer Case Studies
  •    SEO
  •    Social Media Publishing and Engagement
  •    Landing Page Build Out

At efelle, we want to work with you to build the most effective strategy to help your business reach its goals in a scalable way. As Hubspot Partners, we practice what we preach and use it ourselves to optimize our own marketing and sales strategy. 

You can read more about inbound marketing in our blog post that even provides an example company and strategy!

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