Shea 'Kai' Lewis

Lead Application Developer

I am Error.
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Shea is the Director of Application Development at efelle and is in charge of the development and growth of FusionCMS and its ecosystem. He works closely with each department of efelle, receiving feedback on and ideas for new features and updates. He thoroughly enjoys discovering occasional code bugs to squash.


Shea is from Georgia, which surprises most as he does not have the associated southern drawl. Growing up around computers and electronics, he got started in programming at a young age. He is completely self-taught and loves learning and discovering new skills.


Outside of programming, Shea is interested in physics and space, and he enjoys going stargazing with his telescope and camera in tow.

Unique Skill(s)

Shea can crack the occasional joke or two.

Fun Facts

Speaks a bit of Japanese; is currently wrangling down some kanji.

Primary Location

Seattle, WA

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