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At efelle, we know that numbers speak for themselves. When it comes to helping our clients, we like to put our money where our mouth is and share with you some of the real results we see with our clients. When we say we want to partner with you, we mean it. When we integrate with your business to create a cohesive strategy, we see some amazing results.

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Kryptek Outdoor Group


Boost Sales with a Targeted Campaignmac-1-1.png

After a massive website redesign, Kryptek wanted to up their exposure in the competitive industry of hunting apparel. When we began, they had very little PPC exposure for non-brand keywords. Even on Brand keywords, they were capturing a fraction of the impression share that they had potential for. We restructured their campaigns as well as implemented cost-per-click optimization and search remarketing to target users. 

Husky Senior Care


Increase Leads While Spending Lessipad2-black-perspective-view-landscape-mockup-1.png

Husky Senior Care came to us looking for professional management of their Pay-Per-Click campaigns. They had good levels of traffic from PPC, but their Conversion Rates were low, resulting in high cost per acquisitions. With the goal in mind to increase conversions but decrease their acquisition costs, we conducted an audit of their current terms, implemented campaign segmentation, and created new, more focused ads, all resulting in a decrease in cost per leads!

Far East Sails


Improving a Campaign to Decrease Costsheader-image_fareast-1.png

We designed a new website for Far East Sails to improve user experience, and once it was launched, they wanted to increase their traffic via Pay-Per-Click.  To begin, we audited their PPC account in order to see how we could improve its performance to drive more leads more efficiently. With our work, PPC is now their #1 source of traffic and leads, making it vitally important to their business. 

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