Before and After Website Designs You Have to See

Sometime's you have to see it to believe it. Check out a few of our favorite before and afters of our website redesigns.

Dainty Jewell’s

The previous website did not offer the functionality desired by the Dainty Jewell’s team, nor did it portray the branding they desired. From custom pages to photo galleries, to mobile-first design, the website had a lot of potential to truly delight their customers as much as their clothes do. With beautiful dress designs and fantastic product imagery, it was easy to be inspired to design the new site. We wanted to overall modernize the look and feel of the site while maintaining tones of elegance, class, and femininity. We first created a longer scrolling homepage that highlighted different aspects of the brand and what differentiated them, as well as made it easy for users to jump off to different parts of the site.

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Cathy’s Concepts

Since they began, Cathy’s has sold primarily as a B2B distributor. Wanting more control over their relationships with their consumers, they reached out to us with the desire to build a brand new direct to consumer website featuring their CLV brand.

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The goal of this redesign was to update the navigation and make the user experience more intuitive. The firm decided they wanted to highlight important practice areas and guide potential clients to find the necessary information and funnel inquiries to the appropriate channel. This is especially important for law firms like SGB who's work covers both a breadth and depth of practice areas.

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MRJ Constructors

With this website project, MRJ wanted to refresh its current online presence with a modern design that matches the level of professionalism they provide with their projects. The new MRJ website needed to maximize the first impression and appeal to its multiple target audiences. With an updated logo, brand guidelines, and personas in hand, our design team was excited to get started on the site. Throughout the construction firm's website, you’ll see the repeated use of squares and rectangles to represent the “building blocks” of the company and reflect the logo.

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