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Client Spotlight: Senior Living Link

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Client Spotlight: Senior Living Link

Donna Mae Scheib came to us to help fulfill a calling, not just a business idea.

Sr Living Link Website DesignDonna Mae is a registered nurse who consults multiple adult family homes located in Seattle and Shoreline, Washington, and holds a master’s in nursing (with a geriatric focus from the University of Washington). She ALSO has over 8 years experience of working with families transitioning their loved ones into adult family homes while managing staff of these homes with how best to approach their new resident and their families during the sensitive transition period of moving in.  Her approach and techniques have proven to help families not only survive the transition process of moving from their current residence into their new senior living home but help families return to their original roles from being a caregiver to being a spouse, a daughter or a son, and a loved one once again.

The WHY:

Many people have increasingly avoided agents or “middle men” and want to do their own research independently from anyone’s guidance and biases.  For these people, it’s an even a longer and windy road in their process to find a perfect home.  Most people research places online., but there are many drawbacks to this: for one, many facilities are small businesses owned by people who don’t have a website either because they aren’t computer savvy, or because they are too busy running their operations, the finances, or the wherewithal to create a website let alone keep it updated.  Furthermore, this person will need to go through thousands of different websites with inconsistent quality of information and delivery methods and one can easily get inundated with all this information.

Says Donna Mae, "In my frustration of working with families who fall in the hands of not well-equipped placement advisors, I felt a passionate drive to do something about it.  I created Senior Living Link so that families don’t get stuck in having to rely on placement advisors to find a perfect senior living home for them.  I wanted to empower families by giving them another option to take this undertaking into their own hands.  And for people already seeking for homes without an agent, I wanted to give them a user-friendly, all-encompassing tool  to avoid weeding through inconsistent and cumbersome websites."

So she set out to create Senior Living Link with her husband, Chad, while juggling a busy family life of two children who are 4 years and 10 months old respectively. Her passion and dedication are to her immediate family and who she calls extended families, the families she services in the adult family homes. Her mission with Senior Living Link is to become the primary source for researching and ultimately finding a perfect home for you or your loved one.


senior-iving- ink logoThe result of her effort is, which is a stunning, responsive website designed to assist people in finding the senior living care they need. We crafted a logo that shows the purpose of their mission, and paired it with a custom website that offers highly-level functionality, including a blog full of useful articles and information as well as a professional, online directory, which allows their viewers to search and sort listings all over the country -over 800,000 of them!

Facilities also have the ability to create FEATURED pages to share additional information, such as photos, staff, testimonials and videos.

The site was a finalist in the 2016 Davey awards and a team favorite -Donna Mae and Chad were incredible to work with and continue to strive to build the best senior living directory in the country!

Please support Donna Mea and Chad with their journey

The team at Senior Living Link is dedicated to her work, and I encourage you to browse Senior Living Link and see for yourself how they might be of service to you or your family.  Please also spread the news that they live, and passionate about helping you find the perfect senior living home --in your own terms!


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