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What Do You Say To Your Customer After The Sale?

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What Do You Say To Your Customer After The Sale?

Tactics and strategies to increase your after sales conversions

In marketing, we tend to focus on the end result: conversion. All of our campaigns, outreach, and collateral tend to be aimed toward getting potential customers to complete a purchase. Conversions are a major performance indicator and they drive just about everything we do—which makes sense, because that’s how we keep the lights on.

But if your marketing campaigns—and especially your content marketing—ends after the product has been shipped, you may be missing out on some huge opportunities, both for developing repeat customers and drumming up the kind of word-of-mouth that money can’t buy.

Prompt Future Purchases With Later Engagement

The most common type of after-sales communication is follow-up offers based on what a customer already purchased. That’s a smart way to keep a lead warm—and you might even be able to use it with those who have added things to their cart but never made a purchase.

Remind customers what they were looking at (especially if they’re on sale) and use the information you have to help them make additional decisions. You can also let them know about new products or services they might like based on their last purchase.

After-Sales Surveys Can Gather Information

Lots of companies ask customers to review their purchases—Amazon is famous for it—but a survey about the user experience can take your after-sales conversation even further by offering insight about your actual website and company.

After-sales surveys are a smart way to figure out if your marketing is landing as intended; how do your clients see your brand, your website, and your role in their life?

It’s great if your customer loves the product or service (it can help you tailor future offers that you send to them), but it’s even better if they love you so much that they tell their friends.

Offer Discount Codes for Social Sharing

Your customers are your best resource when it comes to expanding your reach—but even really loyal buyers sometimes have to be prompted to tell their friends. As a marketer, then, it’s your job to figure out ways to incentivize it.

Discount codes, referral offers, and other incentives to tell friends and family about a product can help poke your customers in the direction of talking about you—plus, it helps create a feeling of loyalty, because you’ve established a mutually beneficial relationship.

Whether it’s $10 off their purchase for using a code or waiving of a fee, make the offer good for the new user and for the existing customer. That way, you’re creating new potential buyers and customers who love you.

It’s easy to consider a conversion the final step of the marketing process, but really, it’s better to think of buying in a cycle—and use after-sales engagement to close the loop.

Customers count on a great experience—and a great website

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