47 North Real Estate Developers

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Project Description

Website Redesign for Seattle Real Estate Developers 47 North

About the Company

It’s evident by their design that all of 47 North's buildings are influenced by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 47 North builds with the tenant in mind - through collaborative partnerships, personal tenant relations, and distinctive development design they create beautiful spaces that take advantage of what makes Seattle unique. 

Project Objectives

The previous website did not accurately reflect the brand and image 47 North was hoping to portray. The goal was to show off their beautiful creations, as well as highlight their distinct PNW style.

Design Details

Early on, we decided that the red on the logo would be the main accent color throughout the site. From there everything else is black & white photography with images from the portfolio appearing in color so they pop out. 

Since there were three main audiences, we had different calls to action throughout the site. With that in mind, we built the site to segment those three audiences. We also built specific calls to action for each with forms for general inquiries, as well as specific ones for tenants with more information.

Development Achievements 

In terms of multiple audiences, we needed to have a flexible Content Management System (CMS) so that we could link forms and content throughout different pages of the site. We put the site on FusionCMS, giving it ultimate flexibility and power. 

The ability to create multiple forms was crucial throughout this site, as well as the ability to send the form notifications to different people and teams. We were able to do so based on what form the user filled out, creating a streamlined process on the backend so the user was helped as efficiently as possible. 


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