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Project Description

Quality Seafood, Quality Website

Alaskan Leader is in the business of both longline fishing—”one hook, one fish”—and the harvesting and processing of quality seafood. Committed to building sustainable fishing practices off the Alaskan coast, Alaskan Leader is a premier business selling award-winning retail, commodity and food service products.

Design Inspiration

When we kicked off the Alaskan Leader project, we set sail with two goals in mind:

  • Ease navigation and improve User Experience (UX) for the varied audiences visiting Alaskan Leader's site
  • Provide the brand ample room to expand, from both a sales and a recruitment perspective

To these ends, our design team revamped their navigation menu, simplifying options for users and creating quick and easy-to-access dropdown menus with a multi-column layout for added structure.

We built in clear and effective calls to action throughout the site's design. Driving Alaskan Leader's ongoing recruiting marketing strategy, “Join Our Crew” sits ever present in the top right-hand corner of the main navigation menu, while “Contact Alaskan Leader” is featured in the footer on every page. Similar, brightly-colored buttons on product detail pages make it easy for visitors to learn “Where to Buy” the Alaskan Leader products or to learn more about the awesome ways consumers can prepare their goods.

A secondary goal of the website redesign was to decrease bounce rate and encourage visitors—especially potential vessel recruits—to check out multiple areas on the site. Stunning images—like the homepage masthead, a bright and energetic scene inspired by Alaskan Leader’s packaging design—are featured sitewide, telling an engaging story about the Alaskan Leader brand and the fleet that drives it.

Development Successes

In addition to the “Join Our Crew” CTA button in the main navigation menu, we also built the comprehensive careers informational section into the website, complete with an application form to help reduce ongoing repetitive administrative work. All application form entries can be easily tracked and viewed in our content management system, FusionCMS.

Another highlight of the website is the product detail page layout. To simplify user navigation and reduce scroll height, our team built in tabs for product information, giving quick-view space to key product features like the nutrition information and related recipes. The recipes tabs pull in the image and title content directly from the Recipes page, allowing the Alaskan Leader team to easily update and customize each product page in only a few clicks. A zoom on the product image allows the user to hover to view more detail on the front and back of the packaging.

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