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Project Description

Construction Company Website Design and Development for Full-Service General Contractor Based Out of Bothell, WA

Since 1972, Aldrich + Associates has successfully managed and delivered complex, best-in-class construction projects in the healthcare and institutional sectors as well as in a variety of other industries. With vast diversity marking their project portfolio, the Aldrich team is knowledgeable and experienced in working in numerous unique environments—including sensitive sites.

Project Objectives

The goals for this web design project included creating a more polished and modernized web presence to support and drive Aldrich’s lead generation efforts. The Aldrich team requested a site that’s inviting and that highlights their mission to put clients at the center of all they do.

Another vital piece was to effectively display the variety and depth of their portfolio; as stated, they’ve worked in a number of different environments and have adaptable expertise—getting this message across to site visitors was key.

The Aldrich team also requested a streamlined navigation system and an easy-to-search project library. Our team always places a high priority on incorporating user experience best practices into all we do, not only because good UX makes the web more fun but also because it tends to lead to better SEO results (and increasing online visibility was another of Aldrich’s must-haves).

Finally, Aldrich wanted a better space to promote their business to potential employees. The Aldrich team is proud of their work and their company culture—which is marked by a focus on work-life balance and a tight-knit staff community—and they wanted this to shine through their website so it could become an effective tool to advance their recruitment efforts.

Web Design and Development Successes

In the spirit of making the site inviting, for the primary colors, our team opted for elegant neutrals—earthy beiges and steel grays. Occasional pops of sky blue add interest and help to define clickable spaces as hover filters.

Common ubiquitous design elements include angular image overlays that guide the eye and allude to the precision so critical in the construction industry. Subtle hover zooms—like those found on the Service overview page, give the website a sense of liveliness and signify spaces that lead to a deeper look at the Aldrich team and what it does.

The projects overview page—such a critical piece of the new Aldrich website—features a faded logo cut out in the main white background space to add visual appeal and improve user recall of the branding. The project listing is easy to filter, simplifying the user journey from landing page to detail page.

When a user clicks into a specific project, the detail page opens on a full-width filtered image of the work in question; this operates as the masthead background and is overlayed with the project title and a few relevant stats. Scrolling down, users are treated to an image gallery slider, expanded details, a client quote, and a list of relevant projects, encouraging them to continue their journey through the portfolio.

We also designed and developed a custom About Us page featuring info blocks shaped by the same strong, geometric lines found throughout the site. The Careers page—so important to Aldrich’s mission to step up their recruitment game—has a similar feel and opens on a quote slider that effectively sells the benefits of working at Aldrich.

Lastly, we rounded out the design and build with a blog section that allows the Aldrich team to share industry and company news with site visitors. A gray filter bar to the right is UX-friendly and helps users hone in on their desired articles while the blog detail pages are simple, bright, and to the point.

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Professional Services




Bothell, WA


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