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Project Description

Professional Service Website Design and Development for Premium B2B Consulting Firm

For almost two decades, Altus Alliance has worked to help companies grow their revenue. The Partners at Altus connect businesses with experienced industry leaders, often stepping into leadership roles themselves to support and guide companies of all sizes. They work with Fortune 1000 companies and startups alike, providing go-to-market analysis (GTM), strategy, and planning services, all while treating their clients to top-tier support.

Project Objectives

Altus Alliance is not only uniquely qualified to offer a wealth of expertise and variety of services to its clients that are unmatched by the competition, its Partners also share a love of adventure and enjoyment for facing new challenges head on. The Altus team wanted the new website to capture these passions and single their Partners out as leaders among the crowd. Perhaps most importantly, they wanted to avoid the stuffy and stale office atmosphere reflected in most consulting firm websites.

Design Inspirations and Development Successes

To create a cutting-edge feel that captured the adventurous spirit of the Altus team, we created a homepage that’s heavy on active, bright, outdoor-centric photography. We designed and developed a panel-based layout for the homepage wherein full-screen sections of the page switch out on scroll—this helps create a sense of fun while immediately conveying the distinctiveness of the Altus brand.

Early in the process we also refreshed the company logo, opting for “airier” letter spacing, a contemporary typeface, and a brighter color palette; all this helps reduce the weight of the logo in the website’s header. We then borrowed the logo’s colors to establish a unifying color story across the rest of the site; indeed the brand’s sophisticated blues and vivid greens give life to the website, with the latter employed sparingly as an accent color that brings attention to specific elements including lead-generating call-to-action buttons.

We designed an intuitive navigation menu in the main heading area (which stays sticky on scroll) as well as an additional three-lined hamburger menu in the top-right corner that houses links to supplemental content. On mobile, all nav menus are available from the hamburger menu which is set apart by its branded green background.

The interior pages are short and well structured, and our design makes excellent use of above-the-fold areas so the Altus team can display critical information pieces in concise, easy-to-read text blocks that instantly grab the eye.

The team overview page houses an image grid of black-and-white staff profile shots that become full-color versions on hover. This design choice generates a sense of uniformity when users first lands on the page, with the hover effect bringing life and fun to the experience as they explore each profile.

The profile detail pages are bright with white space and leave plenty of room for each team member to convey their professional accreditations and successes; a “Related Partners” slider toward the bottom of each page makes navigating between profiles a cinch. Call-to-action buttons smartly placed below these sliders invite users to “Start Your Revenue Growth,” creating opportunities for more website conversions and stylistically mirroring the “Contact Us” button available in the top-right corner.

Our content management system of choice—FusionCMS—makes updating each of these areas a breeze. It also provides the opportunity to create custom contact forms that can be seamlessly integrated into any area as requested, a crucial element for any business looking for lead-generation growth.

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B2B Consulting




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