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Project Description

Professional Service Website for New Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Clinic in Seattle, WA

Dr. AJ Amadi is a well-respected oculofacial plastic surgeon in the Seattle area. He and his team recently branched off from their previous clinic to start their own practice—Amadi Aesthetics.

Offering both cosmetic and medical surgery services, since day one the Amadi Aesthetics team has focused on providing patients with the utmost in care, safety, discretion, and professionalism in everything they do. They strive to leave their patients with natural-looking results and seek to make the patient journey as comfortable and transparent as possible.

When they approached our team, they were in need of a website that could fully capture all aspects of their young company’s mission.

Project Objectives

The Amadi Aesthetics team requested a design that was both elegant and user friendly—much like their own practice. They wanted plenty of space for high-res imagery that could capture the company’s drive for delivering natural-appearing results as well as room to share information and frequently asked questions about each of their services. They also wanted to make sure it was easy and accessible for users to reach out to their team and request a consultation.

User Experience and Design Successes

When we began this design, we drew inspiration from the branding materials Amadi Aesthetics provided to our team. We made sure to incorporate the rich gold in the logo as an accent color throughout the site. Likewise, we featured a modern serif font face (reminiscent of the logo’s primary font) for accent text in subpage menus and section headings.

One of the biggest challenges in this project was accommodating the large amount of service information provided by the Amadi Aesthetics team. We consulted with them to simplify their site architecture, ensuring an intuitive user flow without featuring an overwhelming number of content levels. Right-hand menus on each service page make it easy for users to bounce between different services and explore all that the Amadi Aesthetics team has to offer.

Another key highlight of this design is the prominence we gave to the “Schedule Consultation” call to action. Featured with a gold background in the main navigation header, this instructive text link is ubiquitous across all pages and makes it easy for users to reach whenever inspiration strikes. Even on the mobile view—when the rest of the main nav items have collapsed into a three-lined hamburger menu—“Schedule Consultation” remains available in the top-right corner of the screen.

By also featuring a clean, bright blog and links off to their social accounts, the new Amadi Aesthetics website will be the perfect tool to launch additional online marketing efforts as the business grows.

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