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Project Description

Designing and Developing a Brand-Building Website for a Construction Industry Leader

Considered one of the top construction companies in the region, Redmond-based Avara Construction is all about building client success stories. Whether it's an interior improvement project or a ground-up, full-scale development venture, they share their clients' and partners' goals of building something great together.

We knew at once our team was a strong fit to redesign Avara's website—after all, we share their values of innovative thinking and creating great work as a team.

Website Design Inspiration

The Avara team’s primary goals for a revamped online presence included a polished and modern website design that could show off their impressive portfolio and substantiate their experience. They also wanted to use their website to better demonstrate their company culture to potential clients, teammates, partners, vendors, and more.

Clean lines became a recurring theme for this design, inspired by the geometry of the logo and the nature of the construction business. Throughout the project, we looked for ways to incorporate the ideas of quality and precision into the design.

Our team first focused on creating a streamlined navigation experience, opting for a solid black header with a clear white font, crisp lines, and links to all main areas of the site. We also designed engaging call-to-action blocks for each page that allow users to journey across the site in a cohesive and intuitive manner.

A large testimonials block is also featured on most pages—including the homepage—and offers users the chance to click through what clients have said about Avara without making them navigate to a separate area of the site. These testimonial blocks appear in high contrast to other sections of each page, featuring bright white text against a black background and large-scale gray Avara logo—this formatting is not only cleverly branded, it catches the eye and inspires the user to read the quotes.

Another prime area of focus was the Projects library. Our designers styled this overview page with a gridded layout to complement the clean lines of the logo and other site elements. Subtle animations and bright text blocks on hover make the Projects page both easy and fun to explore.

Individual Project pages make use of screen-wide sliders to show off the beauty of Avara's work. Project details are listed below each slider in a semi-large and dark-colored font over a block of clean white space. This layout makes the imagery the star of the show while also showcasing textual information in a manner that's easy to read and digest.

Website Development Successes

User experience was on our minds throughout this project. From the easy-to-access sticky main navigation menu to user-controllable sliders to subtle hover animations and more, we designed and developed the Avara website with the goal of making it as easy as possible for users to know where and when to click.

In particular, both our Design and Development teams prioritized creating a great user experience on the Avara Construction Projects pages.  Given the quality and depth of Avara's portfolio, we wanted to make it easy for users to search and find exemplary projects with only a few clicks of the mouse. Clean, straightforward filtering with easy access to a "Reset" button makes this a breeze.

The Project detail pages allow users to create on-the-fly PDF files of each respective project in case they want to print or share the information with others. This functionality means the Avara team can update each detail page in the site’s content management system—FusionCMS—without having to update and re-upload additional PDF files to that space; rather, the PDFs automatically reflect the changes made in the CMS.

Every great business deserves a great website that gets to the heart of its culture and craftsmanship. Avara Construction is no exception and it was a pleasure working with their team to build a website that’s elegant, streamlined, and inherently speaks to what Avara is all about.

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