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Project Description

Comprehensive Wealth Management Website Redesign Project

Comprehensive Wealth Management is a Pacific Northwest based wealth-management firm that partners with clients to help them plan and achieve their lifestyle goals. Their high-touch, client-focused investment planning and implementation places them high on the list for executives, business owners and other thoughtful investors looking to prudently strengthen their financial health holistically and intentionally.

With a strong focus on customer service their team of advisors and engaged professionals offer personalized wealth management services to align with lifestyle goals at every stage of life.

Comprehensive Wealth Management focuses on bettering the lives of others by handling their money in a way that allows their clients to live the life they deserve with minimal stress and energy put towards their finances. 

Much like CWM we wanted to make our clients lives a little easier by getting them set up on a user friendly CMS system that would allow them to keep their website up to date with just a few clicks and no stress at all. 

The Website Design & Development Process

This site was designed with the CWM motto to Live Richly in mind -- starting with the gold accent color seen throughout the site that alludes to wealth and riches.

All pages can be easily reached through the main navigation menu that is responsive and stays with you as you scroll through the site. Each page is full of Calls To Action that advance you to pages that better suit user questions that need answers as well as direction towards a contact page that directly submits a form through the Fusions CMS to CWM team members so they can reply to user inquiries as soon as they are submitted. 

This site also utilizes the Fusion CMS Staff Profile Module so potential clients can research and read up on the members of the CWM when choosing the right fit for their financial planner. 

Project Type:

Professional Service Website


Financial Planning


Lynnwood, WA


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