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Project Description

eCommerce Website Design for Innovative Cycling Apparel Company Based in the United States

For almost a decade, DannyShane has been in the business of designing, manufacturing, and selling innovative cycling apparel. With an eye on both performance and sustainability, the company has spent years meticulously researching and testing each item in their product line.

We were excited to help them out with a new website design that could best capture their company’s mission and culture.

Website Design Inspiration and Successes

When we began the project, DannyShane’s current website was functional but lacking in flavor. Our new design avoids these “bland” templated stylings by incorporating image sliders, overlapping content blocks, and bold use of bright white space.

Our design also offers the DannyShane team plenty of room to showcase their high-resolution imagery; photos can be featured as backgrounds for both individual page mastheads as well as call-to-action and informational spaces throughout the site. Varying the filters on these backgrounds—from brand appropriate full-color hues to a high-contrast black-and-white option—adds both interest and a feeling of modernity to each page.

Our product page designs are clean and predictable. This is a good thing when it comes to eCommerce; after all, you want your customers to know where to look to add items to their cart, get additional product information, and seek out other options and add-ons. Black-and-white mastheads ensure the focus remains on the products while spaces for featured details below the main product info give the DannyShane team an opportunity to share further information about their items.

We also designed a “lookbook” area that can be used to highlight key seasonal pieces and product features. This is a great way to encourage users to consider purchasing multiple products in a line while introducing new trends and styles to interested parties.

On a whole, the design we delivered to the DannyShane team offers a sense of personality and dynamism to the company’s website, better reflecting the brand’s sense of style and innovation than its predecessor. It maintains a focus on good user-experience design while providing more space for the DannyShane team to share their story through tailored messaging and beautiful imagery.

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eCommerce (Design Only)




United States


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