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Project Description

Dock Street Brokers Website Redesign Project

Dock Street Brokers Inc is a fishery company based out of Seattle. They have been serving the Northwest since 1976. They have fishing and tendering experience in areas off the West Coast and throughout Alaska -- which gives them the expertise as brokers to help customers that are buying and selling vessels, permits, and IFQs.

What We Did: Website Design and Development Achievements

In this redesign the Dock Street team was looking for a website that was mobile responsive and user friendly. Our team was able to put together a site that was able to make all of their detailed product content pages accessible on both desktop and mobile as well as keep page load times as low as possible. 

This unique website is packed with information on vessels, permits and IFQs. We knew that the Dock Street team would need an easy way to keep all of these items organized and managed to inform customers of pricing and bidding availability. This is where the Fusion CMS platform came perfectly into play. The Dock Street team can easily add, delete and edit products as they find necessary. 


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Seattle, WA


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