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Project Description

Medical Website Design and Development 

Dr. Richard A. Baxter is an award-winning author and board-certified plastic surgeon that is nationally recognized for being an expert in Revision Breast Surgery, anti-aging, and non-surgical procedures. He is truly passionate about the art behind the work he does and he combines his passion for the abstract intricacies of art into the reality of a patient’s beauty.

Project Objectives 

Dr. Baxter was looking to maintain his website that was warm, professional and showed off his true passion for the work that he does. While we've worked with Dr. Baxter on several site redesigns, we were excited about this one to create a responsive design and simply update a few areas of the design. In terms of UX, we were able to work with Dr. Baxter to understand some areas that he seeked improvement like the Before & After images, the visibility of the blog, and the navigation. 

Design & Development Achievements

Dr. Baxter’s new site not only has a new look & feel, but has been redeveloped to be responsive and is fully integrated with our content management system, FusionCMS. As an avid blogger, this system allows Dr. Baxter to be able to continue to update the site with his news and media features, helpful tips for patients, and his valuable opinion on subjects in the industry. 

The new website uses the Gallery module and includes eService module to help feature each of his individual services. We were able to link these two together and make it easy for potential patients to go right from the gallery to the service that it is tied with.These modules all help to enhance the site's organic SEO (search engine optimization) based on the categorical service structure. 

We also conducted a Search Engine Optimization Audit on the site that looked at the current ranking of the teams desired keywords, links, and other organic SEO factors. From there, we optimized the site using this information to continue to build Dr. Baxters ability to be found through organic search. 


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Plastic Surgery


Seattle, WA


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