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Project Description

Responsive Website Design for Wealth Management Firm Filament LLC

Filament LLC is based on the ‘aha’ moment when a person realizes they need help managing their wealth. They provide state of the art, independent wealth management and work as advocates for their clients in understanding and managing their wealth and meeting their investment goals. 


The high-level goals were as follows: 

  • Act as an extension of the Filament brand - leaving a positive impression of their firm to current and prospective clients.  
  • A website that is fresh, eye-catching and unique from their competitors.  
  • Help in the initial evaluation of Filament as a trusted wealth advisor, because new clients typically come by referral and it is important the new website accurately conveys their expertise.

Design Notes

The Filament team wanted to strike a balance between the use of white space and color accents. With that in mind, we created a site that acts as a timeless introduction to their firm. Their previous site’s primary color was a mustard yellow. To create an updated look that was classic and timeless, we used the yellow as an accent color throughout the site for titles and calls to action. 

On the “About Us,” page, we walk the users through a guided narrative about the firm, why a user should trust them, and then their process. Each of these is complemented by a call to action to attract a user to reach out at any stage of their buying journey. 

Development Achievements

Throughout the site, there are micro-interactions created in development that bring the website to life. From fade-ins to button hovers, these small interactions take the site to the level and really portray a professional image to the end-user. Our design and development collaborated to create and build out these designs in a way that is custom to Filament LLC. 


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