FOGO Charcoal

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Project Description

eCommerce Website for Charcoal and Grilling Experts

FOGO Charcoal is a family-owned business that lives for all things BBQ and fire. They make specialty charcoal that helps their customers bring better experiences to their backyard and tastier food to the table. FOGO’s charcoal is also sustainably sourced from El Salvador.

Project Objectives

Our main goals for this eCommerce website redesign included:

  • Tell the FOGO brand story visually and through the copy
  • Utilize black and white for high contrast with yellow and red elements for the most important calls-to-action


Website Design

Visually, our design team played a lot with the use of color on the FOGO Charcoal website. We wanted to keep things simple with the contrast of black and white, two colors used in the FOGO logo. However, we also incorporated the red and yellow colors from the logo (and the colors of fire.) These colors were used for important buttons or anything we really wanted to draw attention to.

This client focused on storytelling and we were able to do that visually with these elements.

Website Build

The website was built on Shopify which allowed us to create sections for recipes, grilling tips, and ambassadors as needed. We also integrated several aspects of products throughout the website so that there’s something for new visitors and returning customers.

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