Freestone Capital Management

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Project Description

Professional Service Website Design and Development for Wealth Advisory and Asset Management Firm on the West Coast

Freestone Capital Management provides both wealth management and investment solution services to a wide range of clients, whether they be young entrepreneurs or seasoned investors. The Freestone team strives to provide top-tier customer service and establish long-term relationships with clients that are based on trust and transparency.

Project Objectives

The Freestone team came to us looking for a website that's at once stylish, modern, and approachable. While they wanted to use this space to distinguish themselves online as the industry leaders they are, they also didn’t want the design to feel too pretentious—rather, they wanted it to be both warm and engaging.

Website Design and Development Achievements

Freestone’s website opens with a nature-inspired masthead video of a freestone river that catches the eye and feels welcoming without being distracting. Scrolling down, the content blocks feel vibrant and open, each being treated with plenty of negative space that functions as “breathing room” around the content. This feature places emphasis on Freestone’s concise copy, bulleted lists, and call-to-action buttons (which are colored in branded gold).

Subtle hover effects throughout the site both catch the eye and help steer the user to the various corners of the site. Most subpage designs are marked with bold hero images that greet the user upon landing, conveying warmth and a sense of invitation.

We developed this website on a CMS (content management system), allowing the client to update content quickly and easily while maintaining a high level of security control.

In total, we designed and developed detailed sections for the following areas:

  • A guided homepage
  • An 'about the firm' page
  • Service overview, category, and detail pages
  • Staff profile overview and detail pages
  • Locations overview and detail pages
  • A blog space complete with filtering options on the overview page
  • Custom contact forms
  • And more!

This website launching in 2016, and the client utilzed it for about 7 years --more than tripling the life span of each of their previous websites! This is a true testiment to the timeless design elements, user experience and amazing ROI that the efelle team was able to create for them.


Project Type:

Professional Service Website




West Coast


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