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Project Description

Gateway TI's Website Redesign Project

Since 2001, Gateway TI has been helping their clients realize their goals and combine it with a designers vision of the potential of their work environment to build and develop incredible tenant improvements.

Gateway TI was looking for a modern, optimized website structure & content (for SEO) as well as a 'construction project' management system. They needed a responsive website that would show off their innovative and beautiful work.

Design Highlights

Gateway TI wanted a site that showed off their work in a clean and responsive manner while still highlighting their own brand. Our design team was able to address this challenge in three specific ways:

  • High-contrast colors and use of whitespace. Gateway’s primary brand colors are red and deep gray, both of which stand out nicely against a stark, white background. This juxtaposition is incorporated throughout the Gateway website, making it easy for users to read the content whether they’re browsing on mobile or desktop; this design choice is especially important given the amount on information the Gateway team has to share with its visitors.
  • Attractive sans-serif fonts. As with high-contrast colors, sans-serif fonts make for easier reading on smaller digital devices. Design choices like these ensure that the website’s user experience is as strong on a smartphone as it is on a laptop.
  • Downloadable project PDFs. Providing users with the opportunity to view their projects in PDF form takes Gateway’s web offerings one step further: Users can download these PDFs onto their smartphones to enjoy even when they’re offline, removing both device and connectivity barriers. This is especially important considering that many of Gateway’s website users are likely to be found at remote job sites where there is a higher likelihood of connectivity issues occurring (compared to the average office setting).

Development Successes

We built their new site on our industry specific content management system, FusionCMS, which allows them the flexibility to display such large amounts of project information to potential customers, clients, and partners. We will also incorporate proven calls to action to generate results, increase client accessibility, and highlight completed and upcoming projects.

The three main service areas of Gateway TI are Pre-Construction, Construction, and Service Division, which have their own descriptive landing page and also links back to related blog and case study posts.

Their projects are easy to update and include all necessary info for potential clients, with a large gallery for pictures as well as the size, type, location, year, and architect.


Project Type:

Professional Service


Building & Construction


Seattle, WA


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