Howe Corporation

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Project Description

Catalog and Professional Service Website for Chicago-Based Ice and Refrigeration Company

For over a century, Howe Corporation has been in the business of providing companies with the equipment they need for all their ice and refrigeration needs. They design and manufacture equipment for a variety of uses, and make each of their products durable, reliable, and long lasting. Howe also provides support services to its customers that include training, installation, on-site consultations, and product assistance.

Project Objectives

When Howe came to efelle, they felt their current website was outdated and stale. They wanted a design geared less toward technical and engineering audiences and more toward audiences and business owners of all varieties. Additionally, they wanted their new website to have a customer-friendly approach equal to that of their on-the-ground staff while maintaining the authority of their brand. Lastly, they sought to improve the user journey and make all content easier to view, with the ultimate goal of inspiring users to contact their team for more information.

Website Design and Development Efforts

Our design makes great use of white space—this helps give structure to each page and contrasts nicely with the branded grays, blues, and greens that accentuate content blocks and buttons around the site. A “sticky” main navigation menu substantially simplifies the user journey, while subtle hover effects work to highlight calls to action and clickable areas.

For this project, we designed and developed the following:

  • A homepage
  • A “Why Howe” about template (featuring attractive iconography and a really cool before-and-after click-and-drag feature)
  • Product category and detail pages
  • Case studies pages
  • A blog space
  • Custom contact forms
  • And more!

Project Type:

Professional Service and Catalog Website


Food & Beverage


Chicago, IL


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