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Project Description

John Buchan Custom Homes have been a trusted home builder in Seattle and the surrounding area since 1961; that means more than 56 years of experience! Buchan builds for longevity and believes that the worth of a home is more than just the sum of its parts, but the way that it contains and shapes a family’s lifestyle. From the design to the acquisition of materials, to the interior and outdoor design, Buchan homes is trusted to do it all in-house.

Each and every home builder has a different process for their homes, and for Buchan Homes, every part of the process is done in-house, under one (well designed) roof. They needed a website that could do the same for them. As part of our fusionCMS system, we have a BuilderFusion Module that is custom made for homebuilder management in that it is SEO optimized as well as ease of use for both the builder updating homes and the user searching through them. Our system allows for storage in sections of communities, through different floor plans, and through pricing. And for Buchan, they can easily change the availability of homes with the click of a button.

As a company that builds custom homes, it is crucial for Buchan to be able to display their amazing craftsmanship inside and out of the homes, so an easily navigated gallery was crucial. Our photo Gallery Module allows for Buchan Homes to easily add as many or as few high-quality photos as necessary. Adding photos of new homes is easy as a drag and drop, saving time for those whose job is to build homes… not upload pictures.


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