JP Trodden

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Nestled in the small Seattle suburb of Woodinville, Washington, J.P. Trodden distills small artisan batches of bourbon whiskey. Mark Nesheim, owner, and distiller, starts each small batch of J.P. Trodden by grinding the corn and winter wheat sourced locally from Washington state. JP Trodden distilling is dedicated to the high standards of distilling bourbon whiskey and only bourbon whiskey.

The design of the JP Trodden site offers a dark and classic look that complements the eye-catching imagery of the whiskey used throughout the site. The design was created around the content to build trust and credibility of the team at JP Trodden for possible visitors as well as possible vendors. Their new, responsive website helps them effectively connect with new and old clients alike.


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Food & Beverage


Woodinville, WA


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