Kam-Way Transportation

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Project Description

New Website for Leaders in Supply Chain Industry Kam-Way

If you’ve driven on a highway, there’s a high probability that you’ve seen a Kam-Way truck. Catering to an era of online shopping and need-it-now attitudes, the team at Kam-Way has created a highly efficient way of transportation that allows for seamless supply chain transitions.

Project Objectives

As a leader in the logistics industry, the previous website for Kam-Way did not show off their use of technology, automation, and huge fleet of over 15,000 carriers nationwide. They desired a site that told possible suppliers of their skills, while gave potential employees an idea of the culture and benefits they could receive working with Kam-Way.

Design & Development Efforts

The Kam-Way brand has distinctive royal blue and light green as their colors. We wanted to bring that into their site to show off their brand, while also keeping in clean and professional. With clean white sans-serif fonts, and bold lettering, we use the green strategically as an accent throughout the site and the blue for important calls to action.

We included icons, and counter feature, and some of their beautiful imagery of the places that Kam-Way travels throughout the homepage and website. The icons are featured throughout the site on the service pages to create a friendly and clean feel.

The goal of the site was to attract both consumers and drivers, so we worked with the Kam-Way team to design the site so that it was easy for both types of users to find their way throughout the site. The “Haul with KWT” page tells of the benefits that you experience with Kam-Way, including their carrier hubs, and state of the art portal. We emphasized the “Ship Now” button in the corner of the site for those looking to use Kam-Way to transport. Since this is a more complex process, we had it link to a form so that the Kam-Way could gather information before reaching out to the potential clients.

The directory was another important aspect of the site that showed where the team covers. We sorted it into accounting, fleet, and brokerage and designed a map to show the spread of their locations and services.


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