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Project Description

eCommerce Website Design and Development for New Ladies Golfwear Brand

Project Background and Driving a New Brand Forward

KINONA founders Tami and Dianne started their business out of frustration with the women’s golf apparel industry—they didn’t see a reason why women’s golf wear had to be consistently unflattering and unstylish. They were tired of the basic polo/bermuda short uniform and struck out to do something about it.

They came to us in late 2017 looking for an ecommerce website that could launch their first ever line of attractive, funky, form-flattering women’s golf clothing. We were stoked to be a part of this project.

Building a Fully Custom Golf Apparel Website on BigCommerce and FusionCMS

We opted to design and build the ecommerce portion of their site on BigCommerce and all other portions on our own content management system, FusionCMS. The result is a fully custom website that not only allows them to sell their awesome apparel, it also gives them an engine with which to run their business offline.

This engine takes the form of their “Champions” program—a brand ambassador program of sorts that enables women to host parties and events offline and showcase KINONA’s products to their activewear-loving friends and colleagues. We wanted to help this unique feature of the KINONA business shine, so we created a custom page that offers a full breakdown of what it means to be a Champion. Women can visit this page to have all their frequently asked questions about the program answered and to find Champions located near them.

This program launched with a West Coast focus area and in less than a year has expanded to the East Coast.

This flair for original thinking pops up throughout the entire website, and shines through in KINONA’s photography as highlighted by our design work. The homepage masthead slider leaves plenty of space for fun, bold imagery and strong calls to action. Scrolling down, users are immediately treated to an introduction of what separates KINONA’s clothing from the pack. Subtle golf ball-inspired textured backgrounds punctuate the graphic work in this area—and others—and a secondary call to action leads users further into the website.

A featured product slider comes up next, pulling in both products and hover functionality from the BigCommerce side of the site via API. The image swap on hover is a feature used throughout all store pages and gives users a quick glance into multiple views of each item before they even have to click in.

The store pages in general feature clean, high-functioning, and UX-friendly designs. On category overview pages, users can navigate between categories in a side menu, making it easy to mix and match items. Bright orange “Sale” circles dynamically appear on any product with a marked down price and thumbnail images can be swapped out depending on the color swatch selected below.

Product detail pages are equally fun and functional, with both the product images and descriptions acting “sticky” as users scroll through all the different views of the product. They can also gather more information from the cleanly arranged accordion-style tabs at the bottom of the product description area. Below all this is a slider for recommended products as well as a place for reviews.

The fresh styles and branded colors carry over to the KINONA cart and checkout area. Here, the BigCommerce platform really gets to work; it not only makes the checkout process a breeze, it also promises the highest level of security in the industry, keeping user information safe and secure. The importance of this cannot be understated for a young brand trying to build communities and encourage product loyalty.

Also critical to a young brand? Getting found on the Internet. Our team implemented extensive onsite SEO work prior to launch and the results speak for themselves.

Scoring an Eagle on Design and SEO (Also Known as Project Results)

This UX-friendly store netted KINONA tens of thousands of visitors and hundreds of orders in their first several months of operation. Within a month they were breaking into the fourth page of Google search results for certain keywords and now have items listed on the second page—this a massive success for a business with no previous domain authority and speaks well to the design and structural elements implemented on their site by our team.

Given the huge success of the online store so far, it’s clear that Tami and Dianne know what it takes to keep that community growing. BigCommerce and Fusion will be there along the way to help them scale up and conquer the greens.

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