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Project Description

Headless Commerce Website Design & Development for Hunting Legends Kryptek

Founded by a bond formed through combat, Kryptek is the only military tested camo gear on the market. Founders Butch and Josh used their years of combat experienceto fill a gap in the market, developing a technical line of functional, durable, dependable, and reliable hunting apparel. 

Since their inception, Kryptek has grown immensely, partnering with other well known brands and expanding their own line to make a huge dent in the market. They now offer numerous lines of hunting gear, as well as logo-wear and partner gear.

Project Objectives

Kryptek came to us looking for a website that could improve their user experience, increase their conversion rates, and match their growing business. 


The branding of Kryptek is recognizable and well known, so our goal of the design was to match the branding but not overpower their well-known camo pattern and branding. To do so we kept the same dark look and feel and utilized their brand colors of black and red throughout. We pulled in camo textures throughout the background to keep their camo top of mind. 

One important aspect of the design was to be able to highlight the high quality photographs of their camo in use. From prostaff to their actual team, the Kryptek team has a plethora of photos that weren’t being used to their full extent on the previous site. In the redesign we created large mastheads, photo sliders, and content gallery areas to show off these photos. 

Our collection pages for Kryptek were designed to show off the different lines of camo and materials used to create their award winning collections. One in particular was the Altitude page that we designed with the goal of educating the user on the higher quality gear that amounted in a higher cost. These take the user down a journey to educate them while also giving them the opportunity to jump off the page and make a purchase. 

Headless Commerce

With their high quality imagery, loads of content, and large product line, we saw a headless commerce approach as the best option. 

Headless Commerce allows us to approach the design and build with content in the forefront without sacrificing eCommerce power. To power the content portion of the website - including the homepage, landing pages for collections, and team pages, we used FusionCMS, which allows for almost unlimited flexibility. To power the eCommerce portion of the website like the product pages and checkout, we used BigCommerce. 

This approach gives the Kryptek team a lot of flexibility in terms of marketing, advertising, and their overall digital marketing strategy to continue to show off their awesome brand.


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