Law Offices of James S. Rogers

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Project Description

Professional Service Website for Legal Company that Specializes in Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Cases

The Law Offices of James S. Rogers has more than six decades of combined experience in finding justice for personal injury and wrongful death cases. They are an award winning firm with a highly respected reputation and a track record of success. They provide detailed, person attention to each case that is on their radar and ensure that those who have suffered in personal injury or a loss of a loved one can gain justice in a timely and satisfying manner.

Website Design and Development Efforts

Our team designed and developed a new user friendly and responsive website for The Law Offices of James S. Rogers through the LawFirm Fusion CMS. This website was built to showcase in vast detail the credibility and experience the firm has and does so through the Case History Page and the Attorney Detail Pages. These modules on the CMS were built for the firm to easily manage and ad dmre content as they solve more cases. Their Attorney Detail Pages are built with on-the-fly downloadable PDF's for users to gain more insight on attorneys both on and off-line. 

Project Type:

Professional Service Website




Seattle, WA


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