Lindsay Phillips

Project Description

Originally known as "Switchflops", the Lindsay Phillips shoe evolved from a high school art project designed by the company's namesake, Lindsay Phillips into a company offering a wide variety of customizable shoes. The Lindsay Phillips brand continues expanding and designing for fashion that is easy, comfortable, and adorable. The company’s tagline? Change your look, not your sole!™

As an eCommerce website, design and functionality go hand in hand. The design needs to be user friendly that allows for shopability as well as create click-to-conversions through the website. Another aspect of design that efelle considered was the seasonality that eCommerce websites must face. Our designers were able to create a layout that stays on brand for Lindsay Phillips but is also adaptable to the changing mastheads for each season.
If anyone knows about customization, it’s Lindsay Phillips, and they needed a customizable site to match their products. Offering all different types of interchangeable parts means a wide variety of products that need to be organized and displayed cleanly. Utilizing our partnership with BigCommerce, the Lindsay Phillips website is easily able to show off all of their products in an organized fashion. One of their desires was to make it easy to view and change out products. Through both our CMS and BigCommerce, all of the changes are easily made on one computer with no wait time for changes. 



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