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Project Description

Custom Medical Industry Website for Naturopathic Clinics in Seattle’s Eastside Region

Long-time client NaturoMedica has been in business since 2007. Two of the three founding female physicians—Naomi Bryant, ND, and Jill Monster, ND—continue to run their practices from NaturoMedica today. The NaturoMedica team is guided by the objective of providing friendly, personalized services to all their patients, combining conventional medical practices with natural healthcare techniques and technologies.

They recently approached us about a website redesign—our second project with their team. They loved their efelle-designed current site and regularly received positive feedback about it, however they felt it was time to update it with a more modern look that would fully reflect their evolving clinic environment. With 80% of their patients coming from referrals—many of whom vetted them via their website prior to first contact—we understood the importance of helping the NaturoMedica team make a sharp first impression with their online assets.

Project Objectives

In addition to giving the website a more modern feel, NaturoMedica requested mobile-responsive design and development. Since we built their first website, changes in technology have inspired us to put mobile responsivity at the heart of everything we do. As such, we were more than happy to make their new site stunning across all devices and to bring it up to a modern standard.

Other objectives included bringing a sense of warmth to the design through a color palette update and increased focus on office and clinic photography—after all, these spaces are themselves warm, inviting, upscale and personal.

Website Design Inspirations

Our design emerged from inspiration around NaturoMedica’s branding and imagery. Burgundy and gold are their brand colors and our design features these hues prominently as accent colors. We also incorporated a pale gray-blue to add a spark of contrast to the warm palette and used chocolate brown for the primary font color.

The chocolate brown was largely inspired by the imagery of the clinic which we featured prominently on the homepage—the website opens on a masthead slider that showcases several shots of their clinics’ interiors and exteriors.

In addition, we updated the style sheets for the Naturologie Shop—hosted on a third-party application—to ensure the new brand colors carry over across all areas connected to the website.

Website Development Successes

As we worked through the project, the NaturoMedica team was in a state of transition—some new doctors would be coming on board to offer new services while others were transitioning outward. Built on the UX-friendly FusionCMS, we ensured the new website was easy enough to update as new changes appeared, and it remains easily scalable—as the practice grows, new service areas can be quickly added to accommodate the new content with everything inheriting styles consistent with the rest of the site.

One of the easiest parts of the site to update is the Blog. This area was particularly critical for the NaturoMedica team as they had found a lot of success over the years with long-form educational content—the Blog is the perfect space to house informational pieces complementary to the rest of their website and can be updated with a few simple clicks (and no web code knowledge necessary).

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