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Project Description

Custom Responsive Website for Premier Spinal Surgery Practice in Renton, WA

Dr. David Lundin and his team at Northwest Disk Replacement are dedicated to helping their patients select optimal treatment plans for spine-related conditions that ensure reduced recovery time and improved pain relief. As alluded to in the company’s name, they specialize in disk replacement surgery, which as become known for its high rates of success and quicker recovery times. As the first surgeon to perform a disk replacement in the state of Washington, Dr. Lundin’s importance in the industry cannot be emphasized enough.

Project Objectives

When they approached our team, Northwest Disc was looking for a more polished and modernized web presence to better communicate who they are and what they do; they wanted a website that could increase public awareness of the practice and educate visitors on all things spine.

Web Design and Development Successes

Given the complexity of the subject matter at hand, our team wanted to ensure the user journey was as simple as possible. Our team’s design achieves this in the following ways.

Streamlined User Navigation

All main areas of the website are available from a sticky nav menu in the website header; this menu features clean lines, lots of white space, and drop-down sub menus. We also splashed call-to-action buttons across the homepage to encourage visitors to look around and designed and developed side navigation menus for different areas of the site to make jumping between topics easier.

Simplified Content Presentation

We consulted with the Northwest Disk team to separate Conditions content from Treatments content, making it easier for visitors to pinpoint their area of concern. Each area features large content blocks and a side menu leading off to related items. The font selections are clean and sophisticated, with styled headings easy to read and skim.

On both the Treatments and Staff detail pages, accordion-style content spaces reduce the page scroll and make it easier for the team to share all the required information without overwhelming the eye.

Personal Flourishes

We incorporated fun, active imagery throughout the website to suggest all the good that can be found on the other side of surgery. Bold calls to action spaces with full-width image backgrounds—developed with a parallax scrolling effect—help steer users through the site, while large contact forms on almost every major page make it easy for users to contact the main office. Iconography gives a modern feel to the treatment detail pages and a new blog space makes it easy for the team to update visitors on company and industry news.

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