Peter Pan Seafoods

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Project Description

Originally known as P.E. Harris Co., which began canning salmon in Alaska in 1912, Peter Pan Seafood was incorporated in the State of Washington in March of 1950. They are well known in the seafood industry for utilizing highly-trained and knowledgeable professionals to produce quality seafood.

Peter Pan Seafoods wanted to create a modernized web presence that conveys their high level of quality by highlighting their brand’s history, preparation, and commitment to quality. Another main goal for the website was to convey the career opportunities offered by Peter Pan Seafood, making the site both appealing to consumers of the products and prospective employees. They also utilize our eCatalog module to display and organize the wide variety of fish products they offer, from salmon caviar to king crab. This module allows for Peter Pan Seafoods to easily manage their products, adding new ones or editing existing ones. With a large production process - from fisherman to processing plants for distributing, they also utilize our Locations Module to allow users to view and contact the different facilities.

Project Type:

Seafood Processing




Seattle, WA


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