Rhino Exhaust

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Project Description

eCommerce Website for Aftermarket Automobile Accessories Company

Rhino Exhaust develops, designs, and manufactures aftermarket automotive accessories. They’re a family-owned and operated company and pride themselves on superior quality and their patented grille guard.

Project Objectives

For this eCommerce website redesign, our main goals included:

  • Create a modernized, sporty look for the website
  • Incorporate their custom search tool with the new theme to easily find their variety of products



eCommerce Website Design

Our design team worked to make sure the new theme worked with this custom search tool so that the website looked modern and sporty, but also functioned the way that the Rhino Exhaust customers expected it too. Since their products are aftermarket automobile accessories, customers need to find the exhaust fit for their vehicle which is why the custom search engine was so important to the site.

eCommerce Website Build

This eCommerce website was developed on BigCommerce. One of the most important parts of this website redesign was the incorporation of Rhino Exhaust’s custom search tool. This tool was built by a third party and customized to help search through the wide variety of products that the company has listed on their website.

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