Rosanna, Inc. eCommere Redesign

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Project Description

eCommerce Website Redesign for Seattle Tableware Company

Rosanna, Inc. is a tableware and dining ware company based in Seattle. The company draws inspiration from traveling in Europe or feminine styles that look beautiful on tables or as gifts.

Project Objectives

For this eCommerce website redesign, our main goals included:

  • Improving the checkout experience for website visitors
  • Allowing for more marketing opportunities through their website
  • Getting a better user experience overall

eCommerce Website Design

The design included a visual homepage that helps feature new products and sales. Plus, the new design makes the checkout and overall user experience better for website visitors.

eCommerce Website Build

This website was developed on BigCommerce, which was a perfect fit for this eCommerce website redesign. This allowed for the Rosanna, Inc. product catalog to integrate with Pinterest so that items could be easily promoted there.

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