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Project Description

A Fully Custom eCommerce Website for an Emerging Nutraceuticals Brand

Nutraceuticals company SciLife BioSciences came to efelle in search of a better online marketing solution for their emerging ecommerce business. Their website was proving unmanageable and their brand messaging scattered—most concerning, their team was worried about the scalability of their current ecommerce platform.

As an Elite-tier partner with BigCommerce, our team leveraged our resources to create a fully custom and highly functional new ecommerce website for the SciLife™ team.

Website Design Inspiration

Designing for SciLife™ involved a balance between emphasizing the brand's key differentiators and meeting customer expectations for how a nutraceuticals website should look and function. We focused on creating a stellar user experience by making generous use of white space, bright and large fonts, and bold calls to action that encourage conversions.

The primary color palette we based on the blues and greens of the logo; our team used each judiciously to inspire visitors to focus on a call to action or a product highlight.

We also did design work for a variety of SEO and remarketing campaigns and created a long-form sales page for the company’s flagship product, the Vitamere™ Anti-Aging Multivitamin. We connected myriad call-to-action buttons within this page to the multivitamin product detail page and have seen an impressive conversion rate from this effort.

Website Development Successes

As noted, for the ecommerce portion of SciLife™’s website, we built a custom theme that features a number of global and highly stylized elements that take advantage of BigCommerce’s powerful platform without requiring adherence to the structural elements of a basic template.

To drive traffic to the site and increase exposure for this budding brand, we built the site with  SEO-friendly architecture, tags, and other elements, and we initiated ongoing Google Ads and social media marketing campaigns.

We also leveraged unique add-on functionality to drive recurring sales. In addition to creating email marketing campaigns on behalf of the client, we also implemented a credit card vaulting and a subscriptions platform via the Rebillia application. Rebillia was an upgrade from a previous vaulting application and has proven itself to be the best in its class; in just weeks, SciLife™ has built the same potential for recurring revenue that it took months to build on the previous vaulting platform.

While bumps in the road are never fun, we believe this experience reflects well on our tenacity to always find optimal solutions for our clients and our willingness to learn from important industry lessons. Credit card vaulting and subscriptions management is a relatively new feature in the ecommerce sphere and we’re doing our part to keep up with the times.

During the launch of the site we also got the product listed and optimized on Amazon, which is driving a significant number of the sales.

Additional Efforts and Project Achievements

In addition to the design and development work noted above, our team continues to create content for and update the SciLife™ website. We also implement extensive onsite SEO solutions and have been managing social and search engine ad spends. Over the last four months, we've had the opportunity to significantly reduce the ad spend and have maintained steady sales via organic SEO and email marketing sequences.

This website has surpassed the client's hopes and dreams on appearance and functionality and shattered expectations around the timeline for getting it to market. Together, efelle and BigCommerce allow for next-level functionality that includes product subscriptions, highly navigable and informative product pages, infinite scalability, and more. SciLife BioScience’s ecommerce website is built to grow.

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