South Sound Physical & Hand Therapy

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Project Description

Professional Service Website for Physical and Hand Therapy Company Based in the Southern Puget Sound Region

South Sound Physical & Hand Therapy is an affiliate of IRG Physical & Hand Therapy. The South Sound team provides a number of physical therapy services for all members of the family, with a focus on customer care and delivering exceptional results. They strive to provide a warm and supportive environment to their patients and employ the latest technologies and techniques to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Website Design and Development Efforts

We worked closely with the South Sound team to create a website that is clearly organized, intuitive, and perfectly branded. With an eye on drumming up a sense of PNW-style “activeness” throughout the website, we designed in ample room for the client to feature bold, lifestyle imagery of individuals enjoying the outdoors; we then tied the whole look together by ubiquitously featuring a muted forest green borrowed from the company logo. The site feels at once fresh and on-brand, generously employing white space to help guide the eye and making the user journey as simple as possible with UX-friendly features like the easy-to-access location search bar (available as a drop-down item under “Clinics” in the main navigation menu).

Among the development highlights of this project were the locations navigation options alluded to above and the on-the-fly PDF generation features used in most areas around the site. By having non-static PDFs that generate based on page content as it exists, users have access at all times to easy and accurate downloads that can improve brand recall and website engagement.

For this project, our design and development efforts included, but were not limited to, the following:

  • A fun-to-explore homepage with a simple-to-follow narrative and attractive special features like user-controlled sliders and a statistics section with a “count up” animation
  • A clean and versatile about page template that can be repurposed to house additional auxiliary content
  • Service category and detail pages with locations page tie-ins
  • Staff overview and detail pages
  • Locations overview and detail pages with stylized maps and multiple navigation options
  • Custom contact forms

Project Type:

Professional Service Website




Puget Sound Region


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