Stevenson Roofing, Inc.

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Project Description

Professional Service Listing Website for Roofing Company Based in the Puget Sound Area

Stevenson Roofing offers residential and commercial roofing services in all of Seattle and the Eastside communities. Stevenson’s primary services include residential roof installation of asphalt shingles, tile roofing, and metal roofs.

The Stevenson team separates themselves from their competitors through the quality of their work—which is fast, efficient, and performed with great attention to detail—and through their dedication to providing friendly, professional customer care.

Project Objectives

Steven Roofing partnered with our team to design and develop a website that would better convey the company’s values and promote their superior roofing services than their previous site. The Stevenson team was looking for an updated and modernized web presence to communicate who they are and what they do by highlighting the company’s services and culture alike.

They also asked us to help them beef up the number of qualified leads they received from organic search results so as to receive a higher rate of contact form submissions and requests for estimates.

Website Design and Development Successes

To improve the user experience across the site, our team began the design process by streamlining the navigation menu and devising a more intuitive user flow. All primary areas of the site are now available directly from the main navigation menu, with improved consistency across the interior pages to better indicate what level of page a user is on at any given time (example, the service category pages have a distinct layout from the service detail pages).

From a visual perspective, our design makes great use of big, bold imagery of the company in action. Angular translucent overlays add interest and allude to the roofing industry, while the logo’s cool teal acts as the perfect accent color to draw attention to important links and calls to action.

As part of the website modernization process, we built the site to be mobile responsive and optimized each element to ensure fast load times across all devices.

We also developed a filterable blog to help Stevenson keep their content fresh (and therefore SEO friendly), a gallery area for the Stevenson team to show off their work, and custom contact forms that are never more than a single click away from any page (which helps drive leads and improve conversions).

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