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Project Description

Professional Service Website for Premier PNW-Based Legal Firm

Stokes Lawrence is a long-time client that specializes in all manner of business law as well as estate planning and intellectual property law. They’re based in both Seattle proper and Yakima Valley and have an impressive number of attorneys that consistently rank on the nation’s Best Lawyer’s list.

They recently approached efelle about a website redesign, noting a shift in their company’s demographics—they wanted their website to reflect their company’s growth, stand-out culture, and diverse case portfolio. As longtime fans of the Stokes Lawrence team, we were excited to partner with them again in freshening up their firm’s website.

Primary Objectives

Stokes Lawrence’s primary objective was to make their site as easy to use as possible. With close to a hundred employees, almost a dozen service listings, and a massive database of blog entries, it was critical that we simplify visitors’ access to information as much as possible.

Aesthetically, the Stokes team requested a modern-feeling design that would emphasize the professionalism of the firm. They also wanted to make sure it was easy to keep content fresh.

Design and Development Successes

From an aesthetic standpoint, we leveraged Stokes’s well-known branding by borrowing the medium blue from their logo and using it as an accent color throughout the site. This is paired with a deep, stately navy that gives volume and structure to the various areas of the site, both colors of which are complemented with beige and gray neutral colors that intensify the site’s aura of sophistication and modernity.

To ensure we optimized for user experience, prior to digging into the subpage design phase our team spent time analyzing the architecture and content extant on Stokes’s current site. From here, we constructed a site flow that elegantly houses all of the various content areas, and during the build, we created “relationships” between these areas wherever requested; for instance, we made it easy for the Stokes team to pull relevant employees onto service pages and vice versa.

In addition, we implemented advanced filtering options on the staff overview pages, making it simple for users to explore Stokes’s impressive staff listings and find an attorney relevant to their needs.

We also designed “Download PDF” buttons for service and staff profile pages that allow users to generate on-the-fly PDFs of the page they’re most interested in. As the Stokes team adds additional staff members and service pages, they do not need to create these PDFs themselves—the PDFs will automatically generate from the content on the page and be styled consistent to the design settings put in place during development.

Project Type:

Law Firm Website Redesign




Seattle, WA | Yakima, WA


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