Taylor Shellfish Farms

Project Description

Taylor Shellfish began generations ago with the current owner’s great great-grandfather finding the potential for quality shellfish to be cultivated in the Puget Sound. The Taylor family’s commitment to quality seafood stems from their belief in committing their business to their community, their employees, and the surroundings in which they are working. Just as this business was passed down to them, they want to maintain the quality of the water and their work environment so the legacy can continue.

Through our consultation process, we were able to learn that Taylor Shellfish wanted to be able to drive new customers to all areas of their business since they not only cultivate the shellfish but also sell wholesale, operate Oyster Bars throughout Seattle, and sell at their own shellfish markets. Using our website content management system, we were able to utilize our eCommerce to be able to sell directly from the website. With their growing amount of services and locations, they also use our Locations Module, making it easy to customize locations, with their individual phone numbers, addresses, and menus.

Our designers were able to collaborate with the Taylor family to tell the brand’s story through the design of the website, truly creating their website to become a marketing tool for the business.


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