Tupper Mack Wells

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Project Description

A Professional Website for Seattle Based Natural Resource and Environmental Law Firm

Serving the Seattle area with their depth of experience in environmental and natural resource law, Tupper Mack Wells are creative problem solvers for their clients that offer an optimal solutions for everyone involved.

Project Objectives

The goal of this project was to update the Tupper Mack Wells web presence so that it would accurately reflect the firm. Their previous website was also not mobile friendly, so we wanted to make sure that all aspects of the website were responsive.

Design & Development Achievements

Our team designed out specific Practice pages to create an optimal user-experience as well as great for SEO best practices. Each of these are optimized for Search Engine Optimization and offer a sort of “landing page” look and feel so that when potential clients search the specific terms, they can land on that page but also

We also designed out robust team profile pages for each of the staff members. The CMS allows for fields such as Education, Prior Experience, Schooling, and etc. so that the team can offer as much or as little information about themselves as possible. On these profiles we also link out to their email, phone number, LinkedIn profile, and allow for a vCard download.

The entire website features faceted search, allowing users to search for specific practice areas, staff members, or blog articles. Their news and events section also includes an archive to allow for recent stories to be highlighted throughout the website on both the footers and on the Homepage.

Project Type:

Web Design and Development


Law Firms


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