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Project Description

Website Design and Development for a Respected Benefits Technology Company in the Pacific Northwest

Vimly Benefit Solutions has been working for more than two decades to modernize the administration and delivery of employee benefits for companies in the PNW and nationwide. Vimly called on efelle creative to ensure their online branding properly complemented the company’s 25 years of industry authority and success.

Website Design Inspiration

We centered our design for Vimly on two primary objectives: text content simplification and stunning visuals. Clean white space and bold blues are used throughout the site, with shocks of red occasionally featured to grab the eye toward specific calls to action.

In addition, we balanced bold visual elements with concise text blocks to encourage users to keep scrolling—while also helping them increase their fluency in the language of employee benefits.  Large imagery, background video, bold iconography, and eye-catching hover animations add excitement to each page and encourage visitors to journey deeper into the site.

One of the biggest priority areas for our team was effectively highlighting “SIMON”—Vimly’s proprietary benefits platform. With a wealth of information to work into the Solutions page designs, we opted for collapsible content sections to keep the user scroll to a minimum and the textual content from becoming overwhelming.

Website Development Successes

To highlight Vimly’s innovative spirit, we directed special attention to both the homepage and the Solutions pages. These pages brim with fun on-scroll animations, expandable and collapsible content blocks, user-controlled sliders, and more.

Given the complexity of the content, we also placed a premium on navigation, opting for a bold “megamenu” that gives a clear, at-a-glance view of all the major areas of Vimly’s website.

In addition, we developed easy-to-use masthead-level filters for every page in the Solutions area, making it easy for users to jump between pages and find important information.

The world of employee benefits can be a tricky one to understand and explore, but solid design work can make it that much easier for employees and employers alike to optimize their workplace benefit solutions.

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Web Design and Development




Mukilteo, WA


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