Young Survival Coalition

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Project Description

Website Design for Non-Profit Helping Women Face Cancer with Courage

For the last 20 years, the Young Survival Coalition has been a support system for young women diagnosed with breast cancer. They provide resources, connections, and outreach to help empower and give hope to young women in need of help and support. 

Project Objectives

With a huge variety of resources and support, the Young Survival Coalition wanted their website to be approachable and easy to use, while still making sure every different target user was able to find the information and support they needed. They wanted the website to be a place of support no matter where a woman was at in their journey, as well as a place for those supporting someone or looking to donate, could do so as well. 

Website Design 

The website was designed with user experience as the forefront, with each different user group in mind as we designed out the site. The navigation was broken down into four categories: Learn, Connect, Get Involved, and Be Inspired. These were more general terms that could help users find the plethora of information available at every step of the way.

The homepage immediately provides further information about who YSC is and then again directs users using a different form of navigation below the masthead. This navigation is made for first-time visitors and features the different stages one might be at when looking at the Young Survival Coalition Website, including Recently Diagnosed, Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer, Life After Breast Cancer, Supporting Someone with Breast Cancer, and Healthcare Providers. From there, we created a featured section that allows the YSC team to easily update and add new information that is pertinent to their users. 

With donations being a crucial part of the way Young Survival Coalition is able to run, they wanted to share a narrative of how YSC not only emotionally but financially supports survivors or women affected. Throughout the site you'll see inspiring stories of hope, triumph, and community that both inspire women fighting breast cancer themselves as well as those seeking to donate. 

Website Development

The website is home to a lot of information and resources, and Young Survival Coalition wanted a site to be easy to use for those updating it as well. With new information and resources coming out frequently, it was important for users to be able to update the site, which is why we built it on FusionCMS. The FusionCMS platform allows for the custom design, as well as easy to update website for the YSC team. 

As we previously mentioned, donations are a crucial part of the website, so we worked with the donation system Young Survival Coalition was already using to implement an online donation platform. The platform allows users to choose their donation amount, enter payment information, and provide support to YSC without even having to leave the site. The integration is seamless and smooth, making it easy for users to donate and help Young Survival Coalition continue to help women and those supporting them through this time. 

Project Type:

Professional Service Website


Medical, Non-Profit


New York, NY


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