What Happens in a Website Design Project Kick-Off?

The Project Kick-Off is potentially one of the most important meetings in your entire project! So what should you expect? Read on to learn more about our process.

Every project at efelle creative starts with a Kick-Off. It’s one of the most exciting meetings we have and it lays the groundwork for the rest of the project. 

Here’s what will go down in your Kick-Off Meeting: 

You’ll Meet Your Team

One of the best parts about the Kick-Off is getting to meet your project team. Each project consists of an Account Manager, a Visual Designer (sometimes two), our Content Director, and your Digital Strategist. There will also be a Developer working on your project, but those are assigned later in the project.

Your project team is assigned specifically based on your project needs, functionality requirements, and previous experience, along with team bandwidth. We think it’s important to bring in team members who have relevant experience, but our entire team is full of experienced and talented people!

You can read more about each specific role on this blog!

We Discuss Timeline

While you may have heard about the project timeline during the sales process, we’ll be sure to cover the timeline more in-depth during the Kick-Off. Your Account Manager will cover each phase and what will be expected from efelle creative, as well as your team during each phase.
Your Account Manager will also ask about any relevant dates that may cause a disruption in the project - ie vacations, business events, conferences, etc. These are all very normal and totally acceptable, but we like to build them into our timeline so that we know when we will be unable to contact your team or receive feedback. 

After the Kick-Off, your Account Manager will send over a detailed timeline with dates specific to your project, including goal dates for approval, our target launch window, and more.

We’ll Talk Design

Arguably the most fun part of the Kick-Off is where we talk design! We’ll often start by going through your current website and discussing what you like and don’t like about it. From there, the Designer may ask some clarifying questions surrounding the Design Survey that you’ll fill out prior to the meeting. And finally, we’ll look at other inspirational websites. Whether it’s a competitor's site or a totally random site not even in your field, we like to look at them and walk through what you do and don’t like. 

And don’t be worried about saying something you don’t like - it’s important to hear and we appreciate open and honest communication - it helps our designers do their best work.

We Can Answer Questions

After we’ve gone through the majority of the meeting, our entire team is happy to answer any questions you may have - whether it’s about a specific date and feedback or a more general question about the design - this is a great time to ask for clarifications.

Plan Subsequent Meetings

As we wrap up the meeting, we’ll give you an idea of when to expect our first presentation, along with posting a recap of our discussion and next steps This could be a logo, mood board, or homepage design, depending on what’s included in your project.

After the Meeting… 

Following the Kick-Off meeting, your Account Manager will send over a Kick-Off recap that details the project team, both on the efelle side and on your side, as well as share some high-level notes about the project and any noteworthy items. It’ll also include notes about the websites we discussed and feedback you had. If you think of anything else you’d like to add or websites you want to share, you can provide that information in response to that message. 

And that’s it! That’s what happens at a Kick-Off meeting! It’s the planting of the seed that will soon grow into your beautiful new website and digital marketing strategy.

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