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Rebecca Ossello Posted by Rebecca Ossello on September 22, 2020

Who Will I Work With on a Website Redesign Project?

Who Will I Work With on a Website Redesign Project?

Who All Works on a Website Redesign Project?

When it comes to a website project, there’s a lot of moving parts and probably a good amount of unknowns. One way we’ve found to build efficiency is by assigning project teams to every project consisting of the same or similar members. This allows each project to have team members covering specific aspects of the project, giving you access to designers, developers, and marketing strategists who have the highest level of skill. 

Before you even sign a proposal, you’ll have worked with one of our Digital Strategists to scope out your project. Our Digital Strategists help create a diagnostic approach to solving your current issues and help lay the groundwork for the rest of the project. Before your project Kick-Off, they’ll provide the efelle team with notes, scoping, and any other materials and information shared to make sure everyone is on the same page when the project starts. Once you’re ready to get started, you’ll work with the following team members: 

Account Manager

Our Account Managers are going to be your question answering, over-communicating, best friend throughout the project. They are there to guide you every step of the way and help make sure the project goes as smoothly as possible. 

One great thing about our Account Management team is their knowledge of the web-world. They’re part strategist, part SEO experts, and part website-experts. They know just enough about each portion to help guide your team through it all. If they don’t know an answer, they’re ready to 

You’ll hear from them before your project to get you set-up on our tools and schedule the Kick-Off. 

A high-level overview of what they do includes: 

  • Scheduling, Timeline, and Time Management
  • Communication Between Client and efelle Team
  • Status-ing, Meeting Recaps, and Question Answering
  • CMS Training
  • Strategy Recommendations

Visual Designer(s)

Our Visual Designers are experts in creating beautiful and effective website designs. Our Designers work across the field, working in different industries, as well as also create Digital Ads, Logo Redesigns, Asset Creation, and much more! They work to help you put your best digital foot forward and make sure your brand looks it’s best online. 

You’ll meet them at your project Kick-Off, where you’ll discuss design goals, inspiration, and more. 

A high-level overview of what our designers do includes: 

  • Website Design Conception 
  • Homepage Creation
  • Subpage Design
  • Sitemap Optimization
  • Logo Design (if applicable)
  • Asset and Icon Creation (if applicable)
  • Digital Ad Creation

Content Director

Every project includes our fabulous Content Director who works to help optimize content, build out sitemaps, and make it easy to upload your content onto your brand new site. They help optimize the sitemap and make recommendations to your team, as well as guide you through the content collection and/or creation process.

You’ll meet your Content Director at the Kick-Off, but you’ll have a more in-depth meeting specifically regarding your website content after the design phase. 

Our Content Director will help: 

  • Create and Build Your Sitemap
  • Coordinate SEO Implementation
  • Create Content Maps
  • Build Out Content Collection Sheets
  • Import Content Into New CMS

SEO Strategist

If your website includes and SEO Audit and Onsite Installation, you’ll meet one of our SEO Strategists. This team member does your current site audit and will walk through the results with you on a call. From there, they also help make recommendations and implement onsite optimization. 

The SEO Strategist Will: 

  • Conduct Keyword Research
  • Run a Competitor Analysis 
  • Optimize Meta-Tags, Titles, URLs, and Descriptions
  • Make Recommendations for Future Marketing

Developers & Server Managers

While you likely won’t end up meeting your developer, they’re a crucial part of your project. Every project has a Front End Developer that is paired with your Designer to help make sure all functionality and designs are doable. They help bring the design to life! While they’re a crucial part of what you’ll see, AppDevs also contribute to your project; helping build-out your CMS and the functionality there. Finally, our Systems Administrator will help launch your site and get it onto your new server. After your project, they’ll work to maintain your site’s hosting, speed, and provide any updates needed.

A high-level overview of what our Developers do includes: 

  • Theme Installation
  • Design Consultation
  • Server Configuration
  • Developing Project Designs 
  • Confirming Functionality
  • Implementing eCommerce API’s (if necessary)
  • Installing And Configuring Third-Party Apps

Ongoing Strategist

If you are looking to do any sort of ongoing marketing, you’ll meet with our Ongoing Strategist Lead while your project is still in development. We like to provide our clients with custom recommendations based on their goals, so they’ll work with you better understand what your short and long term goals are, as well as what your current roadblocks are. They’ll include recommendations from our SEO Team Lead along with any other tactics they deem necessary to reach your goals. These can include further design needs, landing page build-out, ongoing strategy sessions, blogging, email campaigns, social media campaigns, and more. 

Your Ongoing Strategist Lead Will: 

  • Provide Diagnostic Information Regarding Your Current Site
  • Make Recommendations for Future Tactics
  • Provide Potential Results Projections
  • Answer Any Questions You May Have!

It truly takes a village at efelle; every project includes these key players, and may even include more team members like a Marketing Strategist, Copywriter, Photographer, and more, all depending on your needs! We’re happy to work as a team to provide you with the team members that are the most skilled at their craft to provide you with the best possible outcome of your project!

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