Alaska Firearms Adventures

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Project Description

Website Design for Alaska Outdoor Adventure Company

Alaska Firearms Adventures takes the traditional shooting range experience and transforms it into a realistic and exciting day of shooting. They give an immersive and safe experience for those who want to be transported to a zombie apocalypse or a grizzly bear attack.

Project Objectives

For the design of this website, our main goals included:

  • Create a professional, fun site with a focus on safety
  • Design a logo and look for this new brand
  • Allow for areas to feature their services, packages, and blog

Website Design

As a new company, Alaska Firearms Adventures needed to establish their brand look. Our graphic designers worked to create something fun and engaging that still embraced the themes of the great outdoors. You can see that imagery throughout the website.

Website Build 

This website was developed on FusionCMS, a content management system. This allowed for areas where they could feature their services, packages, and blog.

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