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Project Description

Service Listing Website Design and Development for Bellevue-Based Massage School

Bellevue Massage School has been in business for over four decades. The BMS team’s impetus is to not only provide students with exceptional training in massage and skincare therapy, they also want to guide their students down a path of discovery through a nurturing and empowering approach to education.

Project Objectives

The primary objective for the new BMS website was to increase the company’s leads from its online marketing assets. The BMS team not only wanted to use their website to educate the public on everything they have to offer, they also wanted an increase in the number of users hitting the “Apply Now” button.

Additionally, the BMS team has a great relationship with highly regarded Bastyr University, and they wanted the opportunity to play this connection up on their new site. Likewise, we were tasked with highlighting the vast experience and knowledge held by the company’s staff and educators—one thing they felt their previous site was failing on was conveying credibility.

Web Design Inspirations

From a design perspective, the BMS team requested that the new website feel warm and comfortable without being “too organic” (so as to not compromise the credibility objective noted above).

To this end, we pulled the modern-feeling shades of teal from their logo into a variety of spaces around the site. As a sectional background color, the dark teal contrasts beautifully with the opposing white and gray spaces; we employed the lighter teal in elements like the playful iconography used to highlight the company’s key differentiators on the homepage (this “Why Bellevue Massage School” section also succeeds at highlighting the BMS partnership with Bastyr University).

Relatedly, we enhanced the BMS logo, dimming the former bright yellow into an elegant gold. As with the teals, we featured this gold prominently as an accent color throughout the site design, but reserved it as a background color for some of the most important elements—including the circular “Apply Now” button found in the header.

We also consulted with the BMS team to rejig the site architecture; the site flow now helps ensure a positive user flow and an improvement on access to educational content.

Finally, testimonials blocks at the bottom of most pages help give BMS that sought-after credibility.

Web Development Successes

One of the issues the Bellevue Massage School team faced with their old site was that it was difficult to update. Websites that are hard to update tend to become stagnant, which can hurt the company’s credibility, trustworthiness, and SEO success. To this end, we developed the BMS website on FusionCMS, a content management system that makes updating any page as simple as possible—no knowledge of web code required.

On Fusion, it’s easy for the BMS team to add additional programs and information blocks. All new content entries will be styled consistently with the rest of the site. The BMS team also has the ability to fully customize certain image and text blocks (like the teal-filtered link blocks toward the bottom of the About page) and bring custom forms into pages as desired to increase the student sign-up rate.

Lastly, we designed and developed a “News” section for the BMS team. Utilizing a blog-style update and archiving system, this is a great tool BMS can use to educate their viewers on industry news and information while enhancing the credibility of their professionals.

Project Type:

Professional Service Website




Bellevue, WA


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